About Me



Welcome to MouSeekers, my Disney blog. My name is Kasi; a mom, wife, and enthusiastic Disney fan. I created this site in hopes to share opinions, reviews, tips, and knowledge about all things Disney. Unfortunately, I do not live near any of the parks in the United States, but that hasn’t deterred away from my love for finding and looking for Disney news. I believe that the miles apart do make the heart grow fonder, and I always look for ways to bring Disney into our house. I would like to share my knowledge and love with others in hopes to spread the magic.

When I was little, I grew up in the Los Angeles area and with my family, I would go to Disneyland throughout the summer. I loved the place and couldn’t wait to go under the Disneyland railroad into the world of magic. My memories of Disneyland, as a kid, are filled with trying to fill my autograph books with as many characters I could find, and continuously riding the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. When my family moved us into the mountains, I feared I would never return. I was stubborn and paid for my own trip for my 21st birthday, and I don’t regret a second of it.

I didn’t get a chance to go to Disney World until 2015 for my honeymoon, which was an idea brought up by my then fiance-now husband, Jeff. He knew I loved Disney and wanted to take me to the Magic Kingdom. He just didn’t know how badly I was obsessed, and practically scared him with all the knowledge I spouted out at him. Now that I am a mother, I plan to return to one of the parks in the next coming year, to pass on the tradition of love for the parks.

Even though I haven’t been to the parks as often as I like, I still keep update with everything. Just in case a spontaneous Disney trip happens. This site will cover a plethora of Disney information and news to keep you (and me) up to date. Along with travel tips  and tricks to one of your favorite parks.

We may not be near a park, but that doesn’t mean we love Disney any less. Join me in finding and spreading the magic of Disney to your homes, or for your next trip.

The magic isn’t as far as you think.