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Last Minute Disney: Halloween

It happens all the time, life is busy and you are surrounded by your own chores and the list is piling up. Maybe you have kids and you are busy making sure they are ready for school or taking them to any after-school activities. Your job is asking you to work extra hours because the workload is piling up. Life...


Disney Halloween Marathon

    There is no denying that it is officially the season for Halloween. When this season starts so do all the Halloween themed shows, movies, and marathons. Disney is no exception to this rule and actually makes a habit of this tradition throughout their many channels, by showing Halloween specials of their regularly programmed shows.Then there are the ever-popular...


Holiday: Christmas in July

Christmas in July There is no denying that Christmas is almost everyone’s favorite holiday. What’s not to love? The spirit of family and togetherness, presents, snow, decorations, gingerbread, Santa, eggnog, I could go on, and on. I even know a couple of friends and family that were putting up Christmas countdowns back in June. It seems like this trend of...